FlipCube [Free iOS Puzzle]

FlipCube is a simple but great puzzle for iOS devices. While it offers a familiar feeling, it also cuts into a new experience. You can liken FlipCube to something like a Rubik’s cube game but it’s not quite that.

In this game, you are given two modes to choose from : “Flipcube” and “Flippic”. In Flipcube, you are given boxes arranged 3 by 3 and you need to flip them with some virtual keys that appear between boxes to get a specific order which will be given to you at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

In Flippic, you are given a scrambled photo and you need to start flipping to put the whole thing in order. This was the mode I enjoyed more. Also, within the game you are timed 5 minutes to complete each level. Here’s a shot of what Flippic looks like:

It’s a simple game but challenging. The presentation may not be ultimate but, hey, that’s not where the fun comes from. It’s totally free so head to iTunes and start flipping.



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