Nintendo Wii U – Something To Think About.

The Nintendo WiiU is one of the devices that have raised curiosity to a high level. Some people believe it is under-powered and lacks what it takes to be a next-gen console, but I won’t be so sure about that yet. Let me point something out to you.

While discussing this console with someone, we figured something out. The mysterious GPU of the WiiU is called ‘Latte’, which means coffee milk. If you remember clearly, before the WiiU was finally named, it was called ‘Project Cafe’. This most likely means that the main thing about the WiiU is the GPU. Besides, nobody has been able to analyse this GPU to its limit yet … except (probably) the people within the companies responsible.

Also, Nintendo as a company doesn’t seem to be in any sort of panic. It seems like they know what they are doing and they are waiting for something. Also, they mentioned that they will be using a new marketing strategy this time.

Don’t drop your hopes down yet. The WiiU may still possess potential beyond what we expect. So, let’s all keep our eyes open.


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