Seasons [PC Game]

Seasons is kind of a casual PC game filled with a sense of challenge. Even I had a tough time with this. You have to control a ball to collect twelve cubes within a stage. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You control the ball using your ‘WASD’ keys and you have an ability to fly using the SpaceBar but this is limited. You need to be smart and study the structure of the stage before you run right into collecting the cubes.

Generally, the presentation is simple but very pleasant and the stages are quite creative. I like the ideas behind several stages and the feel you get out of them.

seasons1 seasons9 seasons14

I don’t want to say more because I may end up spoiling the feel of the game so if you are that type of gamer looking for a casual but challenging game to get down to, I suggest you try this out.



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