XBOX ONE – My Thought.

Microsoft decided to reveal their next generation console about two days ago and it’s called the XBox One. It was given this name due to the fact that it can carry out so many function as a single machine and with the help of the new kinect.

We saw a lot of cool features such as the voice command and the gestures used in operating it. It was quite impressive I have to say. The issue, however, remains that most of the things they showed to us do not improve gaming experience in anyway. This console feels more like a gaming PC than an actual game console and even operates on an interface very much identical to that of Windows 8.

The only improvement for games we observed was graphics. Why does it always have to be only graphics ? If good graphics is all I want to see, I can watch an animation or something. Most of the games still play in ways we have seen over and over again. Also, this system is not backward compatible. This is not a problem but it is kind of painful having to just dump your Xbox 360 games because they can’t run on the new platform.

Another thing that makes me fear for this console is the name ‘Xbox One’. I just hope many people don’t start mistaking it to be the very first Xbox. It’s similarity to a PC will also be a challenge for it since it will most likely be compared to a gaming PC and has placed it’s focus on graphics. It is well known that gaming PCs perform better than consoles when it comes to graphics.

Well, I just hope this next generation turns out well and I also hope we won’t be seeing a stampede of shooters like we say in the previous generation. The industry needs fresh experience and I hope Microsoft can bring out the best in all these features they have presented to us.


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