I have to admit that this game beat what I expected to see after taking a first look at the screen shots. Attack Of The Wall Street Titan is one of the most innovative mobile games I have played recently. It is a game which can be classified with others like “Ant Smasher” and “Zombie Smasher” but it is far more chaotic and destructive than it’s fellows.

In this game, you use a robot referred to as the “Wall Street Titan”, which was created to attack masses, to launch an attack on its evil creators after it was reprogrammed by an unknown hacker. You use your finger to smash some bad guys and vehicles and some other objects in the area (Trust me, you will enjoy doing this).

The visuals may not appeal to you when you take a look at the screenshots of the game, but jump into the real thing and you will understand the true beauty of this piece. The people in the game are pixelated (It is not low-quality. It is how the developers meant it to be).

It generally is a fun game and very addictive. The moment I started smashing stuffs, I found it hard to stop until my battery went low. You should really check this one out because it is worth the time. It is available on several iOS devices including iPhones and iPads.

Did I mention that it’s totally free ? Fun is just a few clicks away from you. Don’t turn away from it.


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