Is the iPad Pro relevant ?

To start …… Sorry for my long absence. I had to take time to push my career as a game developer which is going fairly decently.

Now to the main topic of discussion. The iPad Pro (the 12.9 inches model) is not exactly a new device. In fact, I think it is an irony. Tim Cook took his time to condemn the form factor of the Surface Pro, only to come out shortly after with his own.

No doubt, it is a very powerful device and it possesses more features than the standard iPads before it … but for them to go on to say it can replace a laptop, that’s a big “NO”. It runs on iOS which has a big limit to the kind of tasks you can perform with it. I believe this device is too restricted to replace a computer. I think it faces more of an identity crisis than the Surface Pro.

However, it is a decent device to get simple tasks done … like blogging, surfing the web, editing small documents and other things like that. So, the two big questions:

  1. Is it a good device to own: YES.
  2. Is it a relevant entry into the device market: I DOUBT.

You can get a more relevant device for its price … I’m just saying. But if you have the money and you just want to add it to your collection of devices then why not ? I would do the same 🙂 .


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