PlayStation 4 – My Thought.

It’s been a while since the PS4 was revealed to us. I will not deny that I have seen some incredible improvements. We have observed improvements in lighting, shaders and textures such as we may find in Killzone 4.



This is really something to be happy about but I still have some worries concerning the console. My first worry is the price. I hope the price will not exceed $450. A console this good may even be worth more since these days we have people buying smartphones and tablets for higher prices but we all know how much the price of a console can send consumers flying off, especially now that it seems like the gaming industry is a bit shaky.

My second worry is the controller. I don’t have much of a problem with anything aside the way it looks.


My next worry comes from the Unreal Engine 4. This has caused a bit of uproar on the internet. The people of Epic described PS4 as a ‘perfect gaming PC’ but the Elemental tech demo for unreal engine 4 on the PS4 doesn’t seem as good as the one on PC.

The PC version is on the top and the PS4 version is at the bottom of the picture above. Yeah, the PS4 version seems to have higher color saturation but the PC version seems to be better lit and the particles seem more radiant. Also, if you observe the building behind the armored guy, you can see that some details are missing in the PS4 version.

I am a game developer and this looks like an optimization move. I hope this doesn’t mean that the PS4 is not up to the hype. I really have faith in the next generation of consoles (I mean all consoles) and I don’t want little things like these killing it.

If the tech demo really had to be watered down for the PS4, that’s not bad but what’s up with the ‘perfect PC’ talk. I will really like it if companies don’t make us get our hopes up too high.

Anyway, I believe Sony will not let us down this coming generation. I am also waiting desperately to hear from Microsoft and to see what Nintendo is keeping from us about the WiiU. All together, the next generation will be awesome, knowing that we will get AAA graphics coupled with great gameplay.


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