The Conduit HD [FPS] – Now Available In The Play Store

How many of us remember The Conduit from the Nintendo Wii ? I hope we are many. It was one of the best shooters on that platform but might have experienced slight graphical limitations due to the hardware. It was still an awesome game and still is.

High Voltage (the developers) have made this sweet package available for us to carry around in our smartphones. It’s free to download but only the first two levels are actually free. You’ll actually need to pay to play the rest of it.

However, it seems this game is only available for Tegra devices. Well…. that’s a limitation, but not a problem. If you own a tegra device, head to the Play store and wield thispack of awesome shooting goodness.



2 responses to “The Conduit HD [FPS] – Now Available In The Play Store

  1. I can’t stand these tegra only games! It’s worse than iPhone only games! My Samsung GS3 is better than any tegra device at the moment. Yeah I realise it’s because Nvidia help them a lot to get it on tegra, but it’s still annoying!

    • Well, we can’t deny that Tegra seems to be the most popular mobile graphics processor. However, the exclusives also drive me nuts sometimes.

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