Is The Nintendo WiiU Truly A Next Gen Console ?

Well, I know I said I would focus on smartphones and tablets with my blog but I’m tired of seeing unreasonable articles and posts all over the internet. I’m an all-rounder when it comes to gaming and very particular about consoles. I need to extend my reach to home consoles and handheld games.

Nintendo released the wiiU not too long ago and there’s been an uproar concerning its capabilities. First of all, I’ll like to start by saying that people look at figures too much. The clockrate of a processor or the number of cores does not determine the performance. If the processor has an average power, surely it will require a high frequency and multiple number of cores to handle a heavy load. On the other hand, if the processor is very powerful, it may not need to have a high frequency and multiple cores may not be required since handling heavy tasks will not be a tough job.

Secondly, I don’t like websites speaking like the people of Nintendo have failed with the wiiU. Is it not obvious that Nintendo is waiting. They are actually waiting for their competitors to reveal their next gen consoles before they pull their heavy guns. The main confusion is caused by the mystery of the chipset used by this console. People are not familiar with it and have decided to use figures to judge it. I think we should open our minds and sit back and watch what this console has to offer.

Thirdly, I don’t like people speaking like Nintendo has always been behind graphically. This case only occurred with the Wii. I hope we all remember N64 and PSone; GameCube and PS2. Let’s not start jumping and blabbing things. Let’s remember that Nintendo has grown in size and experience since the last generation and their developers have increased in number. They have hired experienced people but have refused to show us what they are doing. Doesn’t this send a message to us all ?

Let’s not just start talking down a console we are all yet to understand cause that’ll make us look stupid. It’s like trying to review a full game by only looking at its trailer.

I’m not a Nintendo fan. I just don’t like the one-sided affair going on concerning the consoles. And it would be a nice thing if we, console gamers, could stop the fanboy wars. Everybody is allowed to play what he wants. Fanboyism will only make you miss out on some good things. As I said, I play every game I come across. Let’s try to stop being bias. This can also ruin a companies business.

Bottom-Line: Don’t judge the wiiU yet. Let’s wait and see what Nintendo is hiding from us. I believe the wiiU is next gen because I trust a company like Nintendo to have learned from the previous generation.

Why don’t we all just sit back and watch it. Enjoy and stop the fanboy thing. Life is too short for you to limit yourself.


4 responses to “Is The Nintendo WiiU Truly A Next Gen Console ?

  1. I’ve seen a couple comments from Nintendo’s site talking about MCM and Out of Order Execution. If this is really true, then it makes sense that the WiiU is slow. MCM means all the processors are on a single chip and don’t need to travel far, as with other consoles, since the RAM, CPU and GPU re really close to each other. You only need to run if you need to get somewhere fast within a limited period of time.
    Out of Order means the WiiU doesn’t waste processes like the other consoles do. Rather than stalling them, they are stored and used when needed.
    Overall, i like Nintendo. PS4 has great specs, but who can buy it? Plus all next gen consoles… including the WiiU, will use Direct X 11 or OpenGL 4 API. So I agree. The WiiU bashing is one-sided

      • That ability is called compute shading. Its a Direct X 11 or OpenGL 4 feature. The Wii U GPU should also feature Out of Order Execution. I hope it does. It will mke the system a whole lot more efficient than the 360.

      • You seem to know these things quite well. That’s great. I can’t wait to start developing for the WiiU. I know it will be a great experience. I just wonder why Nintendo is still holding back.

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