Must-See Android Game – iStunt 2 (Motion Control Physics Game)

This pack of fun may be the best motion control game I have played on the mobile platform. It’s all about snowboarding, dodging obstacles and balance. I like iStunt 2 a lot because of the fact that you have to keep your eyes sharp to know where to turn to next.

It’s a very challenging one. You find yourself controlling this guy and trying to protect him from cracking his neck on the hard, icy surfaces and dodging obstacles such as ice spikes and buzz saws which can hack your character in pieces. Another feature of this game I so much admire is the gravity switch.

However, what I found about this game that made me a bit uncomfortable was that it seems like only luck will decide whether you pass some places or not. All you do in the game is balance the character, jump, duck and perform air stunts so the speed of the character is not yours to control. I found that a few times, my speed may not be enough to get through some places. I had to try several times to get through. Well, this is only one little bad apple in a whole basket of big apples and it’s just my experience. May be other people did not experience such. Below are some screenshots from Google Play store.

Generally, iStunt 2 is an awesome and addictive game. It always helps me kill boredom. Miniclip really did a good job by creating something so simple and casual, yet packed with a lot of fun. You should also try it if you haven’t yet.



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