PROJECT SHIELD – An Android Based Portable Gaming Device.

We have heard the saying several times that smartphones and tablets will replace gaming consoles and handheld devices in our lives. Companies seem to be working to try to make this statement a reality.

First, we saw ‘Ouya’ (shown above) which is a $99 game console running the Android OS. I wonder if it will be able to go up against the titan consoles from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Well, let’s get down to the topic.

Another dedicated gaming device has just been brought to us by NVIDIA and for now it’s called the ‘Project Shield’.


This device possesses NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor and a 5-inch HD touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 294 dpi. There is a claim that the battery of the Project Shield will be about 38 hours of play time.

By looking at this gadget, I must say it is a weird looking portable gaming gadget. The control piece looks as large as the ones you can find on TV consoles and using something like this with a touch screen means that you will have to move your hands around a lot since the touch screen is not between the buttons as you can find on the 3DS or PS Vita.

To be truthful, this is a good idea but I doubt its comfort by looking at it. Of course, I cannot draw any conclusion until I hold it for myself so let me just believe that NVIDIA gave deep thought into making this and it will be awesome. And I also hope we will be seeing something new for a change and not the same games we see on our smartphones.


You can visit ‘’ if you want to know more about the Project Shield.



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