6 Android Games With Stunning Visuals [Part-1](PAID GAMES)

Yes. I can feel it growing. Our hunger for high quality graphics on our mobile phones. We want more. If you also feel this way, then sit back and let me fish the games out for you. I will make several lists (6 per post) of android games with blazing visuals. You can say this is my way of sharing my feelings with the World 🙂 . This post contains paid games while the part 2 is for FREE games.




This game is already quite popular. It was developed using the Unity3d engine By MadFinger Games. It is a third-person shooter with game play comparable to a console game (something like a ‘Gears Of War’ for the mobile gamers). It costs about $5 if I am not mistaken. Feel free to give it a try because it’s worth the cash.




Modern Combat is one of the most respected series of shooters we have seen on any mobile platform. It’s always hard for me to believe that I’m playing a smartphone game whenever I play this. The visuals are ….. let me say ‘juicy’. It costs about $5 as well. Try this game or you may be missing out on something sweet. In the Play Store you will see a lot of 1 star ratings.. almost as many as the 5 star ratings. This is not due to the game itself. An update was released at a time and it gave some bugs on some devices but I guess that’s fixed up now. So, don’t be scared when you see the 1-star bar.




This does not need a lot of detail as many of us should already know the Mass Effect series from consoles. If you don’t, then I don’t know what you are waiting for. You should go check it out. Mass Effect Infiltrator is the mobile counterpart of the big console hit and this big game comes to you for only $5. What’s up with these games and $5?




This is another hit from Gameloft. I don’t have much to say than : If you do not know Spiderman, then I’m sorry to say that you were deprived of your childhood. Buy this game. It’s good. That’s all I have to say.

It costs about $7. Thank God. A different price for a change but… damn, it’s $2 dollars more. I guess that’s no problem considering all that it has to offer…….. at least pay the money just to see the juicy graphics :).




This is a Batman game from Gameloft. I had a very big smile on my face which almost tore by mouth when I set my eyes on this game. It’s good to know that this generation of smartphones can handle such level of graphics. This game is a standard … not only in graphics but game play as well. It costs about $7. Totally worth it.


6. N.O.V.A  3 – NEAR ORBIT.


Another sweet release from Gameloft. It reminds me of Crysis(PS3, XBOX360, PC) a lot. It is also one of the noise makers in smartphone gaming history.Just look at the details and the lighting effects of the game. Doesn’t it make you hunger for it ? Satisfy the hunger for only $7.


Okay. Now that was coincidental . First three games for $5 and the next three for $7. I was not responsible for this order. It is destiny. Anyway, no time to fool around. If you haven’t checked any of these games out, I suggest you do so. It’s totally worth it.


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