6 Classic Shooters On Android You Should See

Are you a fan of classic shooters? Do you like ‘Jump Right Into The Action’ games ? Do you like seeing games with beautiful neon graphics ? If you fall in the category then this one is for you. Some of you may be looking for new games to try and I have just come across some I think you should check out.






Whenever I play this, I can’t help but think about the 8-bit legend ‘Galaxian’. Battle against aliens and face bosses using 6 upgradable weapons and 12 power-ups. The full version of the game has over 100 levels and over 10 boss battles. The game uses the touch screen to play. It has an outstanding combination of colors. You should definitely try it.


This game is unique and quite experimental. It involves a little neon spaceship on a journey to save the galaxy. It’s not all about shooting at enemies. You also have indestructible obstacles to overcome and you have important pick-ups to collect. This game features a mission mode with boss battles and an endless survival mode with two stages and weapon upgrades. I also liked the music. Though it didn’t have the best quality, it contributed to how immersive the game is. It uses both motion and touch to play and is quite addictive.



Well…. We can say this has a game play style similar to radiant so I have little to talk about. It is endless with a good variation of enemies and that means endless fun.


As the name tells us, this is a sort of defense game. The graphics are nice and the animations are smooth. You can spend several ours just admiring the game. In the game, you use a blue planet to defend against different kinds of beautifully animated enemies. I know what you must be thinking …. It looks like an egg trying to protect itself from getting fertilized. That may turn out to be the basis of the game’s concept. You should try it out.


Ok… This is the odd guy in the group. The graphics are not as abstract as the others, but the game is still very beautiful. It plays like radiant above but is different in it’s own way. The effects are awesome and the alternate weapons are great. Here, you are defending a planet from asteroids and enemies.


This is the last on the list, but not the last I have to offer. I will not deny the fact that this game looks and plays like ‘Geometry Wars’. It’s HD and beautiful. It uses the multi-touch gesture of android to play and is fun. You get to test your speed when it comes to dodging enemies and your precision when it comes to blasting them. Yeah…. you should check it out.



I don’t seem to understand why you are still here. You should be playing one of them right now. Enjoy.


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